Jay Nash

I Saw Ladybird (feat. TFDI, Tony Lucca, Matt Duke & Val McCallum)

Released 2022

Night Songs

Released 2021

Don't Look Back in Anger

Released 2021

And That's Alright

Released 2020

Born Alone

Released 2019

Keepers of the Time

Released 2019

The Vermont Sessions, Vol. 1

Released 2016

Eyes of a Dreamer

Released 2015

Letters from the Lost

Released 2013

Recorded in Los Angeles and Vermont in 2012. Co-produced by Bill Lefler. Features Kyler England on harmony vocals on Sometimes. Other musicians: Ben Peeler (dobro and lap steel guitar), Jon Flaugher (bass), Bill Lefler (drums, percussion, looping, keyboards)

Of The Woods

Released 2012

Written and recorded almost entirely in Vermont in JN's home studio. Master versions mixed by Bill Lefler.

Diamonds and Blood

Released 2011

Produced by Chris Seefried. Recorded in Los Angeles in June of 2010 with the exception of 'Golden State Goodnight', which was recorded in April of 2010 in Eagle Rock, California by Kenneth Pattengale. Also with the exception of that track, the album features the 'live in studio sound' of an all star band consisting of Chris Joyner on piano and B3, David Immergluck on guitars and mandolin, Jamie Wollam and Don Heffington on drums, Rob Wasserman on bass, Charlie Gillingham on B3 organ and piano, Chris Seefried on guitar and Nash on assorted guitars. Recorded and mixed by Seth Atkins Horan.

Live at Sun Studio

Released 2010

Recorded live at Sun Studio on May 20 2008. Features songs from JN's, 'The things you think you need' and a retrospective of Garrison Starr's catalogue.

All The Stars in Copenhagen

Released 2009

Recorded at Medley Studios in November of 2008. Recorded by Soren Andersen. Performed live in studio by JN, Soren Andersen on guitar, Jesper Edwardsen on bass, The Mighty Lars on piano and B3 organ. David Immergluck on electric guitar and bass (Los Angeles). Erik Penny on ambient sounds (Berlin), Joey Ryan and Chris Seefried on harmony vocals (Los Angeles). Mixed by Seth Atkins Horan. Produced by Jay Nash and David Immergluck.

The Things You Think You Need

Released 2008

Recorded at Phantom Vox Studios in Los Angeles, November 2007. Produced by Chris Seefried. Mixed by Seth Atkins Horan. Mastered by Gavin Lurssen. Matt DelVecchio on bass. Don Heffington on drums. Charlie Gillingham on keys. David Immergluck on steel guitar, mandolin and electric guitar. Jeff Russo on additional guitars. Sara Bareilles on vocals. Chris Seefried on additional various instruments.

Over You (EP)

Released 2007

Produced by Jay Nash. Recorded and mixed by Jay Nash, Billy Hawn and Joe Ross. Musicians: Matt DelVecchio on bass, Billy Hawn on percussion, Adam Marcello on drums, Naimee Coleman on vocals, Carson Cohen on piano and mandolin, Bart Ryan on steel guitar.

Some Kind of Comfort

Released 2005

Produced by Jay Nash. Mixed by Matt DelVecchio and Jay Nash. Recorded by Brandon Duncan and Matt DelVecchio. Recorded almost entirely over the course of a single weekend, featuring a rotating cast of guests. JN, Matt DelVecchio (bass) and Chris Lovejoy (drums) had spent a good part of 2004 together on the road and returned to Los Angeles to find the burgeoning singer-songwriter music scene in full swing. Musicians: Chris Pierce (vocals, harmonica), Adrianne Gonzalez (vocals), Stewart Cole (trumpet), Gabriel Mann (piano, chamberlin, vocals), Sally Jaye (vocals), Chet Dixon (harmonica), Bart Ryan (lap steel guitar), Krister Axel (accordion, piano, chamberlin, Hammond B3 organ).

A Stream Up North

Released 2004

The Contenders

Laughing with the Reckless

Released 2017

Meet The Contenders

Released 2014

The legend Levon Helm said that if you give it good concentration, good energy, good heart, and good performance, the song will play you. If that’s true, then Jay Nash and Josh Day are well and truly played by the set of songs in their debut EP, “Meet The Contenders.” The collection breathes with musicality and grit in the tradition of heroes—The Band, Tom Petty, The Dead, Dylan. Thrumming and heady, with a steady heartbeat and a hint of honky-tonk, this EP speaks of wanderers and highways, lovers and losers, good times and missed chances,swimming pools and movie stars, all with a ferocity born of hard work and honed skill. Nash and Day have been players and poets for the better part of two decades; they have been making music, telling tales, drinking whiskey, and having fun touring together as The Contenders since 2012.